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“To provide a practical resource for further education and research into alternative spiritual healing modalities for the mind and body.”

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Connecting The Dots

The Science of Light
Offering practical solutions and resources for open minded spiritual seekers and light workers since 1995.

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Kimberly Palm

Kimberly Palm

International Stress reduction expert, life/health coach, motivational speaker & bestselling author.

White Light Express

Our Sponsor, a world wide prayer and meditation group promoting the power of positive focused intention.

Rev. Sarah Nash

Rev. Sarah Nash

Spiritual Savant, ordained Melchizedek Priest, Founder of the White Light Express & creator of Cosmic Triage™

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“This is the trifecta of spiritual genius. Kim & Sarah in the same room under the banner of the WLE? This can only mean success for everyone.  Motivation & Mindfulness!”

Peter Messerschmidt

CEO, Alchemy Stones

I am grateful for Kim’s knowledge, kindness, facts that are structured to help and knowing that I can let her know when I am needing more guidance for a fruitful and better balanced life. It is a pleasure to recommend Kimberly and her program!”

Katherine Wilkinson

Instructor, Connecting Life's Bridges

When I think about my session with Sarah, It’s like I took peyote or had some kind of vision quest event, or drank tequila or something.

I remember laughing and crying … she had tears rolling down her cheeks and then the “ride stopped”. I stepped outside and looked at the sky. I felt changed, understood and somehow ready to move forward.
M. Brewer

“My health is the best it has been in many years due to your help. Thank you so much for your health insights and showing me a better way to live.”

T.S., Duvall, Washington

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